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Brett Stein

Brett Stein 

Sales Representative

C: (647) 289-3422

E: brettrstein@gmail.com

Born and raised in midtown Toronto, Brett Stein did not take an ordinary path of becoming a Real Estate Professional. Brett attended the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington on a football scholarship. Facing the adversity of being an undersized athlete from Canada, Brett has developed an unrelenting work ethic. Bringing the competitiveness and tenacity of an athlete, along with the poise and leadership of a team captain, Brett has never wavered from his goals to deliver the best results possible to his team. Now permanently living back in his hometown of Toronto, Brett’s playing field has changed, but the goal is still the same.

Genuinely passionate agents working with people and bringing value to the lives of others, Brett is all agents providing top class service to all of his clients in the real estate industry. Growing up in Toronto, Brett has a deep understanding of the area and for the people who live here. Whether he is working with buyers, sellers, first timers or investors; Brett runs a relationship driven business.

“You won’t have to strap on any pads, or tie up your cleats… But I encourage you to put your trust in Brett Stein Real Estate. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry and our passion to help you achieve all of your goals. We look forward to popping many champagne bottles with you in the future!” – Brett Stein

Jaymie Stein 

Sales Representative

C: (416) 949-5296

E: jaymie.stein11@gmail.com

Jaymie Stein was born and raised in the GTA, attending Ryerson University, and studying Political Science. With big dreams of changing the world through one political policy at a time, she made a sharp left turn into Finance. With a love of sales and problem solving, she spent over nine years at one of the biggest asset managers in the world, working in conjunction with some of the biggest investment advisors in Canada, helping to preserve wealth and find investment opportunities.

Having two children at home, she realized she wanted a work life balance that also incorporated her love for helping people and finding investment opportunities, So she entered into the world of Real Estate. With a successful few years under her belt. She joined forces with Brett Stein, to create The Brett Stein Real Estate Team.

Jaymie, along side with Brett Stein Real Estate, utilizes a team of professional service providers to assist clients with their buying and selling needs; including staging, photos, handymen and inspections. With a focus on customer service, market knowledge, investment opportunities, first time home buyers or seasoned real estate buyers & sellers - we will do everything we can to help you sell your current home or buy your dream home.

Cole Resnick 

Sales Representative

C: (647) 449-7160

E: coleresnickre@gmail.com

When Cole studied Business Management at Western University, it was with a vision towards a career in real estate. The appeal for him is connecting with people and playing a role in facilitating their dreams.

Cole’s goal is to make the process as smooth as possible, whether it’s selling a condo in the heart of the city or finding a house in the suburbs. A willingness to go the extra mile and a genuine concern for his clients’ best interests speak to his passion for providing outstanding customer service.

When not working with clients to buy and sell homes, Cole spends time on his other passion, music. He is a gifted songwriter and musician who records and performs his own original material.